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I am proud to welcome you to our lively and happy school which is well valued and supported by our local community.  Our learning environment is enriched by the talents, skills and expertise of all our staff, parents and the wider community. We have high expectations for all of our pupils and are very proud of their achievements across the curriculum.  Success at Rush Common is seen by looking at the whole person, we want our children to be responsible and caring citizens of the world, people who contribute to society and have the will and determination to work hard and who are not afraid to speak out if they see injustice. Our Values-based education underpins everything we do, enabling children to reach their potential in a safe and caring environment which is based on mutual respect, trust and the nurturing of their self-confidence, curiosity and imagination. At Rush Common we encourage our children to have big dreams and aspirations for the future, safe in the knowledge that we will support them and believe in them one hundred percent.  We also teach them that big dreams are built on hard work, determination and perseverance. We are supported in all we do by our Board of Directors, the School Parliament, our families and the terrific Friends of Rush Common (FoRC). The best way of getting to know the school is to visit us.  You will be very warmly welcomed.  Please call the school office where one of the school administrators will make the arrangements for you.


“…Pupils are terrific advocates for the school…. they enjoy school and say that learning is fun.  They appreciate the breadth of the curriculum and the additional activities on offer.” “…Pupils talk proudly about how much their teachers help them learn well.” “During the inspection, inspectors noted the warmth of relationships between older and younger pupils.” “Pupils are well prepared for their future lives and are truly inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead.” Ofsted, January 2017

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School House Points

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