Year 5 Science Day

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Year 5 took part in an exciting Science day earlier this week, based on their current topic of Forces. The interactive session was run by Mr Scutt, a teacher from John Mason School, who gave the children a challenge to build the ultimate rocket car. It was a very interactive day, as the morning session required them to plan, design and make the best rocket car, thinking carefully about the effects of air resistance and friction. They then had to test the cars and make appropriate changes before racing the cars against each other in the final rocket race!

Quotes from children:

“It was a really exciting day, we all had loads of fun and we all had a go at doing something. My team won the rocket car race! It would be incredible to do something like this again.”

“Making rocket cars was really enjoyable and exciting but also quite challenging. I would definitely do it again because it was loads of fun. I thought it was a fantastic day and we even had a competition at the end to see which car was the fastest.”