Best subject at school English
Favourite book ‘The Book Thief’ by Marcus Zuzak
Best holiday destination Sorrento
Favourite recipe Spanish fish stew
Tell us a joke. How do you know you have an elephant in your bed? He has an ‘E’ on his pyjamas!
Best thing about Abingdon My grandchildren live there or nearby.
Choose two fantasy dinner guests. Elizabeth I and Eddie Izzard
Favourite form of travel Train
What would you change if you were PM for a day? Give teachers 2 weeks that they could take as a holiday/sabbatical/Wimbledon
What would be your special power if you suddenly became a superhero (and why)? Ability to teleport
Favourite film Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’
Best fantasy destination for a class trip  Ancient Rome – living history and to make the children appreciate modern life.