Best subject at school Maths
Favourite book ‘Marianne Dreams’ by Catherine Storr
Best holiday destination Greece
Favourite recipe Fish pie
Tell us a joke. What do elves learn in school?

The elf-abet!

Best thing about Abingdon The people
Choose two fantasy dinner guests. JK Rowling and David Walliams
Favourite form of travel Shanks’s pony (by foot)
What would you change if you were PM for a day? I would make sure everyone had a home.
What would be your special power if you suddenly became a superhero (and why)? Flight, so I could travel wherever I wanted to.
Favourite poem ‘The Highwayman’
Favourite film The Jungle Book
Best fantasy destination for a class trip Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – so we could learn how he makse all his magic sweets.