Our Vision

Rush Common School: Dream, Aspire, Succeed Our vision at Rush Common School is to provide an environment where all learners have wide ranging opportunities to develop their talents and abilities; where both change and challenge is embraced and where the qualities of resilience and self-confidence are fostered, so that pupils, staff and the community develop as confident, independent learners with high aspirations.

All pupils and staff at Rush Common School are required to:

  • Be self-respecting individuals who take personal responsibility for their own learning.
  • Work hard and achieve their very best.
  • Show respect for, and tolerance of, others and the world in which we live.
  • Display determination, self-discipline and perseverance and to be confident to take ‘risks’.
  • Be able to respond positively to the challenges they will encounter in the changing learning, work and social environments in the 21st century.

Our Core Rules

Be Safe –.We want the children to know how to keep themselves safe and act safely in the modern world

Be Kind – Be kind to yourself and to each other

Be Respectful- Treat others as you would like to be treated

We explore these themes with the children through class work and discussion, assemblies and visits. Within these core rules we also teach the school values.


Yearly overview

Term 1A- Be Safe

  • Devising own class rules
  • Classroom work on safety- Using equipment safely
  • Internet safety
  • Learning about taking sensible risks (Forest school, school trips)
  • Staying safe when outside school KS2 Abingdon Fair/ Trick or treating

Value: Honesty


Term 1B- Be Safe

  • Road safety and Beep Beep day in KS1
  • Staying safe on school visits and pupil involvement in risk assessments for trips
  • Internet safety continued
  •  Police visits – talk about stranger danger etc

Values: Understanding and Peace (link with Remembrance Day)


Term 2a- Be kind

  • Classroom work on using kind words
  • Assemblies and class work on Bullying (Anti- Bullying Ambassadors)
  • Ingredients for a good friend
  • Playground Buddies
  • Child Sponsorship programme
  • Buddy Systems- suggestions– FS and Y2   Y1 and Y4

Value: Friendship


Term 2b- Be kind

  • Encouraging kindness in the school community- modelling kind words to TA’s /other teachers/ all members of staff (Man in the mirror!!)
  • Celebration book- teachers and TAs nominated for being kind
  • Kind Letters- Each key stage to have a postbox and children write letters to their friends telling them why they are a good friend. Could be anonymous in KS2

Value: Love (link to Valentine’s Day)


Term 3a- Be Respectful

Key phrase – Treat others, as you would like to be treated

Key themes – Respect ourselves

Respect each other

Respect our school and our property

  • Classroom work on Growth Mindset/ perseverance ‘I can’t do it .. yet’


Term 3a contd

  • Mental health awareness/ Raising children’s self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Circle times- I am proud of myself because or I am really good at…
  • Sharing talents at home and at school

Value- Respect


Term 3b- Be Respectful

  • Classroom work on respecting each other (giving personal space, using kind words etc.)
  • Respecting our school (keeping classrooms tidy, looking after equipment)

Value: Determination to link to transitions to new classes or school


To find out more about British Modern Values at Rush Common School, Click on the link below: