KS1 Nativity 2018

During the penultimate week of term, Key Stage 1 children debuted their Nativity to the school as well as their parents.  Over the past few weeks, the children in Year 2 worked tirelessly to learn lines, perfect singing and streamline their … Continued

Oceanography Workshop for Year 4

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Year 4 were treated to a workshop given by Mr Homoky, an Earth Scientist from St Edmund’s Hall, Oxford. Mr Homoky has travelled the globe researching features of oceans and carrying out some outstanding oceanographic work. The children saw video … Continued

Diwali Workshop

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All classes enjoyed a cultural Indian Dance workshop on Thursday 15th  and Friday 16th November. They learnt about the Festival of Diwali: why it is important to Hindus and how the story of Rama and Sita is linked to the … Continued

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