I became a Staff Director of the Rush Common in 2015, and I joined Rush Common School as a teacher in September 2014. I have more than ten years’ teaching experience.

I am enjoying the opportunity to work for the school in a different aspect and be a part of the running of the school.  It is a privilege to be given the responsibility to further support the children in our care.

I have lived in several countries, which has led to one of my responsibilities at Rush Common: providing international links and global learning opportunities for the children.  I fully believe in the importance of broadening children’s horizons, and I want to engage more with the wider community through my work at Rush Common.

Outside of my work at Rush Common, I live locally with my husband and children.  I enjoy running and being outdoors.  Last year, I completed a 52-mile hiking challenge in under 24 hours with fellow Rush Common colleagues, and achieved a half marathon personal best.