I’m Amy and I’ve been a close neighbour of Rush Common’s since 2009. I have two children in the school, one in Year 5 and one in Foundation. I qualified as a Chartered Company Secretary after university and my current day job is as a Legal and Compliance Officer in a local school. My main responsibilities are to ensure that all statutory (health & safety, governance, safeguarding, company, charity, equalities act, safer recruitment, DfE regulations etc) and other legal requirements are adhered to. I also do a lot of work preparing the school for regulatory inspections and I’m the school’s data protection officer. I’m very interested in education and the challenges faced by schools in the current political environment. I’m excited to have joined the RC Academy Board and hope that I can use my experience and knowledge to help and support the school.


In my spare time, I seem to spend a lot of time ferrying children around, play a lot of ice hockey and enjoy photography.