To contact the Chair of Governors email:

Debbie Lymn Chair of Board; Business & Operations Committee; Prevent
Kristen Fawcett Headteacher; Member of each Committee
Chris Boyle Educational Standards Committee
Jessica Burns Educational Standards Committee
John Dawes Business & Operations Committee
Catherine Guiver Educational Standards Committee
Amy Hadden Chair of Business & Operations Committee; Health & Safety
Joanne Haggas Business & Operations Committee
Rebecca Howe Pupil Support & Welfare Committee; KS2/3 Transition
Gemma Jones Pupil Support & Welfare Committee; Safeguarding; EYFS
Greg Lean Chair of Business & Operations Committee
Katie Lean Business & Operations Committee (Associate Governor)
Jenny Long Pupil Support & Welfare Committee; SEND; Fundraising & FORC
Debbie Lymn Chair of Pupil Support & Welfare Committee; Business & Operations Committee
Helen Rose Vice Chair of Educational Standards Committee