KS1 Nativity 2018

During the penultimate week of term, Key Stage 1 children debuted their Nativity to the school as well as their parents.  Over the past few weeks, the children in Year 2 worked tirelessly to learn lines, perfect singing and streamline their performance, and were supported by the wonderful singing of Year 1.  We are incredibly proud of them for performing in front of large audiences and doing so with such enthusiasm!

The  Nativity, Straw and Order,  saw cows and donkeys bickering over space in a crowded stable.  Their squabble was taken to the courtroom of Judge Grumps who had to see the whole story himself.  With the help of our narrating duo, we witness the innkeepers, shepherds, wisemen, angels and stars gather round at the sight of baby Jesus.  When humbled by the peace and love of the newborn baby, the cows and donkeys reach the same verdict as their judge:  to live in peace and harmony.