Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC)


The Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC) of children is a core part of the curriculum at Rush Common School. Please click onto the links below to find out more about how SMSC is taught at our school:



Rush Common Values Curriculum and British Modern Values

To find out more about Rush Common School’s Values-Based curriculum and the teaching of British Modern Values at our school, please read the documents below.


Beat Racism

As part of our work linked to our school value of tolerance, children at Rush Common School took part in a ‘Racism Awareness Day’ at the end of Term 5. They all considered the topic of racism and thought about what we could do as a school to ‘stamp out’ racism in the world today.

Take a look at the poem below to see some of our children’s ideas:



Rush Common Election Manifesto 2015


Brexit Debate April 2016

Year 6 were asked to discuss the EU referendum with their families before holding a debate about whether or not Britain should leave the EU. Children were incredibly articulate with their thoughts and views. They were able to cite evidence that they had heard on the news or read in government documents. They were then able to write a well-informed, formal balanced argument with argument phrases, evidence and well explained points around issues such as: jobs abroad, national safety, national identity and the British economy.