Pupils learn about different religions and beliefs, which influence and guide the life of millions of people. The curriculum is based upon the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus for RE and reaches pupils of any religious faith, or none, and of all academic abilities. RE is taught, not only to help children to gain a breadth of knowledge about Christianity and other religions, but also to help them to understand their sense of place in the world. During RE sessions, children develop the use of questioning and critical thinking to further their own understanding of religion and by doing so, explore how they should treat other people and how to respect the diverse beliefs and cultures that exist in the world.

Many of the different faith groups in the community lead assemblies and special sessions during the school year to enhance the curriculum. One example of this is the ‘Prayer Space’ organised by a local church and which was a great success!

In Term 1, Year 1 children explained what they did to show they were special.