Using ICT in the Curriculum


Children have regular opportunities to use a range of technologies throughout the curriculum.

Year 1 Children used ‘Drawing Desk’ on iPads to create Christmas cards and Year 3  used Padlet in Literacy to share and ‘magpie’ notes in order to prepare for their leaflet, ‘What makes Egyptian culture so great?‘ :

In Term 4 Years 5 and 6 created e-books, which they entered in a ICT competition. Zak won 1st prize for his entry, while Elizabeth’s work was highly commended.  Both received certificates. Zak  received a book token and the school received a year’s subscription to 2Simple’s Serial Mash, which the whole school will be able to enjoy.



During Terms 1 & 2 five Year 2 children worked with the Year 6 digital leaders during their lunch hour to create a Key Stage One programming video. The video was filmed and directed by Key Stage Two children, starring Key Stage One children using Beebots:


When Year 5 were asked to present their work on anti-bullying several chose to use Scratch (programming software):



The children use iPads almost every day, working independently and collaboratively.


Reuben showed Mrs Youngman how to program using the Beebot app on the iPad and Zoe showed the class how to rename an iMovie file.


Year 3 have used Scratch to create an information text about Ancient Egypt to share with younger children.



Pupils in Year 2 have developed their programming skills, using, ‘Scratch Jr’. In Term 6 they created a program to demonstrate parts of a flowering plant.