The Arts, including Art, Design Technology and Performance are well represented at Rush Common School.  Techniques are honed from an early age and include sketching, painting, collage, sewing, food technology, poetry recitation and drama.  The children also study the work of famous artists and discuss their opinions, whilst accepting that art is a subjective subject.  Where possible the Arts curriculum is linked to the topic studied by the students, and has resulted in work based on history from World War II to the Egyptians, geography from volcanoes to rivers, and studies of items of natural history and space exploration.

Art in Year 2

Volcanoes and Tectonic Processes in Year 4

After designing and selecting materials children in Year 4 worked collaboratively to create various types of volcanoes, such as a strato volcano, a dome topped volcano and a shield volcano. They then simulated an explosion using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and food colouring.

Year 4 enjoyed making switches and then using their knowledge of switches to design and create burglar alarms.

Images to follow.