The Venus Flytrap

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Year 3 have been studying ‘Plants and Soils’ in Science lessons this term. Isabelle decided to make a Venus Flytrap at home. In addition, she carried out some internet research and found some interesting information about their habitat, diet and … Continued

Year 3 Pyjama Day

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Year 3 had a Pyjama Day on Friday 27th April to raise money for Gabriel, the child sponsored by the school. All enjoyed a very cosy day in their pyjamas, dressing gowns and onesies!

Ufton Court Visit

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Year 3 had a fantastic day at Ufton Court learning many important Viking survival skills. They completed warrior training, raiding expeditions to a wide range of countries and learnt how to start a fire and make flour!

The Lucky Viking

Year 3 put on a fantastic production of ‘The Lucky Viking’. Leif the Lucky, one of the unluckiest Vikings in his home village in Greenland, decides to prove himself a successful explorer by finding the mythical new land spotted fifteen … Continued

Year 3 Viking Talk

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Mr B, one of our parents, visited the school to talk to the Year 3 children about life in Viking times, particularly how the Norse language has influenced how we speak today.

Chinese Willow Pattern Day

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Year 3 were visited by Theatrix Arts Company who performed the story of The Willow Pattern. Paul used many hand-made wooden puppets and beautiful scenery to retell the popular Chinese tale and the children were enthralled by the calm but intriguing … Continued

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