Arts, Technology & Culture Day at Fitzharrys School

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On the 28th of June Year 5 took part in an arts, technology and culture day which was held at Fitzharrys secondary school. During the time there were many people who had a great laugh and a huge smile lighting up their face. Our three lessons were Music, Art and Technology.

In Art we were doing a piece of work in the style of Bob and Roberta Smith. In that lesson we created a statement based on something that is important to us such as “Make art not war” and ”Why are we here?”. To start of the lesson the teacher (Mr Lee) gave us his own example which was “Make Peas” and that made us all laugh which was a great way to start the task. Throughout the session we got to use acrylic paint to create our artwork which was the first time for some of us.

Many of us enjoyed the music class as we got to use new secondary school equipment. At the start of the session Miss Summers (our teacher) introduced us to the music room and how to use their computers to create music. She taught us how to take samples and add them to our own dance music. We also got the help from Year 9 students who go to Fitzharrys and are experienced in music. At the end of the lesson we saved our work and got to listen to each others’ dance music.

In Technology some children did some work with cogs and gears whilst others made delicious fairy cakes.

Mr McCook gave us a task of making a dinosaurs out of cogs and gears. Some groups found this tricky but all of them worked together as a team and most importantly we all all had fun and enjoyed ourselves.

Miss Randell taught the others how to make simple fairy cakes. We got into pairs and started to make and bake our delicious treats. Some year ten students helped us cook them. At the end we all got to try one and we all loved them.

Later that day there was an open evening where Fitzharrys displayed our work and our parents could come and see what we were up to during the time we were there.