Year 3 have been learning Chinese in school this year. If you wish to see what they have been doing or if you want to learn some Mandarin Chinese too, have a look at the resources below by clicking on the light green text in the right column.


Greetings lesson
Greetings Song
Greetings Activity




Numbers Lesson
Count to 10 Rap
Numbers Matching Activity


Pinyin Lesson
Pinyin Song


Tones Lesson
Introduction to Tones


Months of the Year

Months of the Year Lesson
The Story of Chinese Character  Months Song
Match the Months Activity


Birthdays Lesson
The Story of the Chinese Character

Happy Birthday Song

Days of the Week

Days of the Week Lesson
The Story of the Chinese Character
Days of the Week Song
Days of the Week Matching Activity

Chineasy Method

Chineasy Method
The Easy Way to learn Chinese Video

What Day is it Today?

What Day Is It Today? Lesson
The Characters

What Day is it Today Song
Dates Matching Activity