The Venus Flytrap

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Year 3 have been studying ‘Plants and Soils’ in Science lessons this term. Isabelle decided to make a Venus Flytrap at home. In addition, she carried out some internet research and found some interesting information about their habitat, diet and … Continued

Year 3 Pyjama Day

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Year 3 had a Pyjama Day on Friday 27th April to raise money for Gabriel, the child sponsored by the school. All enjoyed a very cosy day in their pyjamas, dressing gowns and onesies!

Ufton Court Visit

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Year 3 had a fantastic day at Ufton Court learning many important Viking survival skills. They completed warrior training, raiding expeditions to a wide range of countries and learnt how to start a fire and make flour!

The Lucky Viking

Year 3 put on a fantastic production of ‘The Lucky Viking’. Leif the Lucky, one of the unluckiest Vikings in his home village in Greenland, decides to prove himself a successful explorer by finding the mythical new land spotted fifteen … Continued

Year 3 Viking Talk

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Mr B, one of our parents, visited the school to talk to the Year 3 children about life in Viking times, particularly how the Norse language has influenced how we speak today.

Chinese Willow Pattern Day

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Year 3 were visited by Theatrix Arts Company who performed the story of The Willow Pattern. Paul used many hand-made wooden puppets and beautiful scenery to retell the popular Chinese tale and the children were enthralled by the calm but intriguing … Continued

Year 3 Chinese Assembly

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Year 3 gave their Chinese topic assembly to parents on Thursday, including a retelling of Yeh-Shen story from memory, singing happy birthday in Chinese to members of the audience and sharing some top quality work.

Church Visit

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Six children from Year 3 visited ‘The Fellowship’ at All Saints Church  on Thursday 16th November to share what they have learnt as part of their Chinese Studies. The children taught the group members how to count to 10 and … Continued

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